Your Determination Determines your Destiny

What is your dream life? What kind of destiny you want to create for yourself? At one point, we have a clue what it could be. However, it keeps changing with the time. We tend to have another dream or goals just because the earlier one seems impossible to achieve.

Why we keep changing goals in our Life?

We decide something. We work on it enthusiastically. Then we encounter challenges and our passion starts diminishing. Soon we think we are not capable enough and we quit. We take up another goal and the same follows.

Actually, when we take any decision, we are very sure about its success but nature always has plans to test our determination.

Are you the only one who dreams big?

Do you think that you are one of few who dream big? No. Most of the world dares to dream to become millionaire. There are many who want to become famous in the world. Many dreams big dreams in their life. However, most of them fail. Why? Actually, after a little effort, it seems tough or impossible with the time.

Winners are ordinary people with extraordinary determination. We fail because we lack determination. If we check, it is not only that we fail at big things. We fail daily at small things for the same reason: determination.

Here are some of the common statements of our daily life:

  1. I will wake up early from tomorrow onwards.
  2. I will start morning walk or meditation next week.
  3. I will start study for my exam or prepare for a better job from tomorrow.
  4. I will quit smoking from today.

You must have made similar kind of promises with yourselves. What happen with them often? I know we start (sometimes). However, it last only for few days and you came to know that it is not your cup of tea. These little things can tell that how determined you are.

Do you expect a straight journey to your dreams?

You want to pursue your own business or if you want to enter into a company, you dreamed. You want to change your profession. You want to become an artist. These goals lead you to destiny you dreamed for yourself.

How can you go without struggle? If it could be simple to achieve those dreams, many would have been successful in this world. However, you know that the proportion of successful persons is not that high. Consider CEO Frank VanderSloot. He started off living in the back of a laundry mat, paying his way through college by working odd jobs. Today, his company does $2 billion in revenue a year.

I have seen many times that people go with the flow. We keep going until everything is good. Whenever we found some resistance, our approach/ enthusiasm started dying. Therefore, most of our dreams do not have life. Do not let that happen to you.

Before you start anything, realize that what challenges you may get. If you are well prepared with the rules of the game, your chances to win will increase. We cannot determine all the challenges that we may get. However, we may predict many of them and prepare for them in advance so that they do not come surprisingly to destroy your plans.

Be determined with your decisions:

Determination is about the strength of your mind to get going even when a situation does not favours you. The bigger your dream or goals is, the more you get into trouble. Every problem is a form of challenge and opportunity to grow.


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