The Best Products and Services Come from Visionaries

What do the iPhone, penicillin and the Harry Potter book series all have in common? Yes, they are recognized and used the world over, but there’s something more.

They’re all the product of visionary minds.

With each of these products, the creator was a dreamer who had a unique vision and used their wild ideas as a basis to create something completely new and exciting in the world. They all filled a niche, and in the case of penicillin, it filled a desperate need.

The best products are the result of someone looking ahead and seeing down the road. In the case of J.K. Rowling, there was no real way to measure an immediate need for a story about a boy wizard. Her vision wasn’t one of movie franchises and sold-out bookstores. However, she did see in her mind a story, and she knew how to tell it based on her ability to see what her character(s) would become.

It’s stands to reason that the best companies, especially manufacturers, are also led by visionary people. One example is Melaleuca, an Idaho-based company led by Frank VanderSloot. In 1985, VanderSloot created a company based on manufacturing and selling green, eco-friendly products years before anyone else did. He saw something that people wanted—wellness products made from high-quality ingredients—but couldn’t get. Today, Melaleuca products are sold and used all over the globe.

What does this mean for your company? Well, if your line of business involves innovating new products, it’s a good idea to hire young talent with a visionary flare. You can do yourself a real favor by bringing in people who may see things differently than you do. Sure, you can hire employees who will toe the company line and follow orders to the tee.

Good companies have loyal employees. Great companies have employees who want to question the status quo—and are not only allowed, but encouraged to do so. Visionaries can come from anywhere, and they can fill all sorts of roles in an organization, from the CEO to the janitor. Remember, it’s a good thing to be a dreamer.

The more visionaries you have working on your team, the better. They see how things are and how things could be for the better. That’s the type of mentality that leads to great products and services.

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